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tomorrow. the storm has knocked out power to more than 100,000 people in virginia, d.c., and maryland. but, sharyl, forecasters say once this system moves through, much of the east coast will see calmer weather in the week ahead. >> atkinson: elaine, thanks. there's a major storm swirling over the atlantic. tropical storm leslie is expected to particular a hurricane, again before passing it the east of bermuda tomorrow. leslie is slamming east coast with heavy surf. campaign 2012 is in high gear with both presidential candidates putting their focus on key swing state, like virginia and florida, where nancy cordes joins us tonight. nancy, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, sharyl. well, the barbs are definitely getting sharper now that the democratic and republican conventions are behind us. governor romney is arguing that a weak august jobs report is another sign that president obama's economic plans just aren't working, while president obama argues that governor romney would make things even worse. >> when our opponents say this nation is in decline, they are dead wrong. >> reporter
reports from inside the war zone. this is where we have it. >> they left a comfortable life in virginia and moved thousands of lives away. >> everyone in syria that has a cell phone or camera, they want to show people what is going on. >> because it is available in syria it gives hope to those caught up in the violence that the horrors they're witnessing 9 world is seeing too, it also means the syrian regime is watching. since the channel started broadcasting a year ago the employees had faced daily threats from those loyal to syrian president bashar al-assad. most of the staff don't want to be identified. >> look, look, look it, man. >> syrian anchor knows of the dangers firsthand. >> they burn down your family's house. >> yes. >> they kill two of your cousins. >> and they looked up your brother. >> yes. >> they showed us their extensive network of trusted contributors, their own war correspondents. >> it's not hard for the agents of the regime to hunts them down inside syria, and out. >> the journalists are doing a great personal risk and the syrians here, how dangerous is it, how do
states. visited over and over again. >> thank you so much, florida. >> hello, virginia. >> i need ohio to help me become the next president. >> we win colorado, i will get four more years. >> i think our founding fathers had it right. >> jeff: republican new jersey state representative allison says even though 62% of americans say they would support replacing the electoral college with a national popular vote, the current system ensures against big city domination. >> what i believe is that you will have large urban areas like los angeles and chicago determining the outcome of the elections. >> she also considers the popular vote fact an end run around mending the constitution. >> they don't have the votes so they're trying to get around that by going state legislatures and saying join us, come with us. we want to do this. and i think it's sort of a copout. >> they're saying the end justifies the means. >> yes. but i done believe they're right. >> jeff: richard cotty remains opposite. >> you think it happens. >> i think the closer the romney obama vote gets, that's more of a fact never
to vote for mitt romney. to win virginia he needs more women like her. a recent cbs news poll shows the gender gap between romney and the president is widening, while romney holds a six-point lead among men, president obama has a 12-point advantage with women. polls also show women are more interested than men in issues impacting their pocketbook. political expert deirdre continentive says this election will come down to one demographic. >> it's going to be single women voters who are really going to be the decision pivot point in this election. >> reporter: single women, like kenny barnwell. she supports president obama. >> i kind of want to vote for the person i feel is fighting for me. >> reporter: two years after losing her job as a marketing specialist, barnes is still looking for work and she doesn't think romney understands people like her. >> he wouldn't be able to relate to me or a single parent or a person that doesn't know where their next dollar is going to come from. >> reporter: even zakrzewski has not heard enough about how romney would fix the economy if elected pres
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)